BSR solar farms make important contribution to ecology and biodiversity of the natural environment Farm based British Solar Renewables are committed to striking the right balance between generating clean energy and safeguarding the… VIEW FULL DETAILS

Case Study: Wyld Meadow Solar Farm Wyld Meadow Farm 4.8MW solar park situated in the Dorset countryside, is set over 27 acres with near zero visual impact. The plant is an excellent example of British Solar Renewables continued… VIEW FULL DETAILS

Case Study: Crossways Solar Farm Crossways 5MW solar park, situated near Dorchester, Dorset is constructed on 30 acres of reconstituted land, on a site that previously served as a gravel extraction and landfill pit. VIEW FULL DETAILS

Case Study: Alan Bartlett and Sons As a leading and innovative leader in the field of integrated vegetable growing and processing, Alan Bartlett and Sons (AB&S) have significantly reduced their business operating costs… VIEW FULL DETAILS

International British Renewables recognises the potential for renewable energy generation projects around the world to provide much needed regional business opportunities and to deliver valuable local social, econo VIEW FULL DETAILS

Solar Farms and On-site Solar Generation

Our total installed PV capacity since 2010 is 377.17 MWp, enough to power 86,600 homes for a year*
*(Based upon OFGEM average typical consumption figures 2011)

We believe that by generating environmentally friendly, clean energy using a new generation of integrated renewable energy plants; British Renewables can help to reduce the global reliance on harmful, fossil fuelled power stations whilst conserving nature and protecting the environment for generations to come

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